• The symbol systems for sightless people are divided into two broad categories.They consist of dots (e.g. Braille) or shapes both linear and volumetric (e.g. a Sphere). The Scripor Alphabet uses both three dimensional shapes and dots so the user can have different levels of information through touch.

  • The color sumbols can be read with one finger, or by using one or both hands.It can be read from any direction: from top to bottom, from left to right and so on. The symbols can be oriented in any direction because there is an orientation point for the reader's finger.

  • "Scripor" can be easily learned by anyone regardless of language, culture or geographic location.

  • People can achieve fluency in the Scripor Alphabet within a few days, while learning Braille takes much longer.

  • The Scripor Alphabet can be taught to very young children and is easy for people who have become blind later in life to learn.

  • The Scripor Alphabet uses just one or two symbols or cells to represent color along with its shade and intensity






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